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Aisha Alexander Jibreel

FO LRjet45/60

Rated on LRjet45, LRjet60, CE560XL, CE680, MD-11, B777 and A320.

Aisha Alexander Jibreel

" I lived for 20 years in USA.

I have a Law Degree from Colombia and Criminal Justice Degree from USA.

I am flying since 1999. I got my CPL license from American Flyers in USA.

I am rated in the Learjet, LRjet45, LRjet60, CE560XL, CE680, Md-11, B777 and A320.

I am a single parent of a wonderful boy who is 11 years old and we live with my mother and me in UAE.

I had worked for various private owners in South America, Malaysia and USA.

I was a former pilot of Sentient Jet group in USA.

I flew for Ethiopian airlines and Tradewinds Airline group in USA the wonderful MD11, now I am employed with Etihad airways flying the 777 and now in the airbus fleet."

Aisha Alexander Jibreel

Colombia & U.S.A.

Aisha Jibreel Alexander – MSc
Pilot – Safety Advocate
FAA awarded for safety and Educational Records
Fatigue Risk Management Resercher

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