Amira Afifi

Private Pilot

“ I'm a private pilot. I got my license in March 2019. I flew Cessna 152. I started and finished my private pilot license in DeLand, Florida. Then I got married.

I loved aviation since I was 16. I wished I started flying at that age, but I couldn't because my parents believed that I was too young. Flying gives a feeling of freedom and independence.

Flying inspires me and I will complete my commercial pilot license soon, whenever it is suitable for me. I am planning also to do my certificate flight instructor license to work as an instructor and build up flight time.

Actually I am looking for a scholarship to do my PhD at this time, that's why I'm planning to move where I can fly and do my PhD in the same time. So it's a little bit challenging for me to manage doing both at the same time, but I will do it.

I have joined 99's because it inspires, motivates and supports me. I get a lot of encouragement when I read the magazine and read the motivating stories of other women pilots.”

Amira Afifi,
Private Pilot


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