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Kerstin Ehmann

Captain on Bell412 and AW169

Falcon Aviation

Kerstin Ehmann

"My name is Kerstin Ehmann and I am a Captain on Bell412 and AW169 at Falcon Aviation in Abu Dhabi.

As a lifetime aviation enthusiast and since the age of 9 having no greater passion in life than one day become a pilot and reach the skies, here I would like to share my aviation dream, an unforgettable event that changed my life forever.

From my early years when I used to see small aircrafts in the sky I told my sister, one day I will be up there.
A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

I worked ten years as a cabin crew and the highlight of my life was when I met my husband and he spend long time in the cockpit explaining his work on an unforgettable flight while flying on a very special destination, Brazil as it is where I am from.

Every pilot has one flight that is a very special flight to him/her, let me share mine with you.

I was still working as a flight attendant and I had a trip to France. I decided to rent a helicopter and fly around. I invited the Captain and the first officer to be my passengers’ I was very happy and proud to fly them around ,it gave me the strength to start a new career as a helicopter pilot.

I always enjoyed helicopters due to their awesome and breathtaking versatility and freedom, I wish everybody could experience it at least once in a lifetime.

As a 99 member for all the future helicopter and fix wing pilots I just have one thing to say , if it is what you want to do, DON’T HESITATE and go for it, I spend too many years just thinking about it..."

Kerstin Ehmann


Kerstin Ehmann,
Captain on Bell412 and AW169.

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