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Maider Carillo

Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Licensed Flight Dispatch for Emirates Airlines

Maider Carillo

“All started when I was a child. I could see from my bedroom helicopters landing on the helipad of the hospital.
From this moment, I was sure that I would choose a career in Aviation.

I did an introduction helicopter flight in 2016. In just few seconds, once the skids left the ground, I knew the desire of flying was growing on me.

As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said:” the time is for action now, it is never too late to do something”.

It is thanks to Altruistic, Passionate People & my several jobs experience in Aviation, which led me into flying.

I did all my trainings on the Robinson 22 in different states of US.

I m currently working for Emirates Airline as a Licensed Flight Dispatcher since 2014.

Beside flying, I like to be close to the Nature, to observe & listen the beauty of the Environment.

Being part of the Ninety-Nines is a chance to share stories, spend memorable moments & encourage more Women to make their dream a reality.”

Maider Carillo


Maider Carillo,
Commercial Helicopter Pilot,
Licensed Flight Dispatch for Emirates Airlines.

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