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Suha Abu Al Adas

FO A320

Yvonne Trueman Scholarship Winner (2019)

Suha Abu Al Adas

“ Every child has dreams. My dream started when my dad was playing with me swinging me high above his head. These were my favourite moments, flying high where the sky was limit and where I could sense a complete freedom.

I had a goal that I would fly one day an airplane on my own and ever since I remember I have lived fulfil my dream and goals.

I started my aviation career as a cabin crew to save money and to be up in the sky. It was a short term goal to reach my vision as journey and thousands of miles.

Seven years later here I'm ready to join flying academy. I started my first type rating on A310. In 2019, I won the Yvonne Trueman Scholarship from the 99s and did new type rating on the A320.

I am glad to be one of the 99s family they support me, thank you so much my 99s family.”

Suha Abu Al Adas


Suha Abu Al Abas,
First Officer A320
Yvonne Trueman Scholarship Winner

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