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Our Members are regularly featured in the Press. 

The Arabian Section of the Ninety-Nines is proud to share here some of the articles.

Carol Rabadi

Journey In The Sky - رحلة في السماء - Captain Carole Rabadi From TEDxUniversityofJordan

Edith Diop

Interview avec Edith M.Diop, pilote d'avion de ligne From Ayanawebzine

Alia Al Twal - Runaway Girl Network

Middle Eastern women pilots keep their eyes on the skies Alia Al Twal From RunwayGirlNetwork

Vanessa Umba

Wings of Glory - Captain Vanessa Umba From Woman This Month

Yvonne Trueman

New scholarship to encourage female pilots in Gulf - Yvonne Trueman From TradeArabia

Yasmine Fraidoon

Gulf Air’s First Female Bahrani Captain takes to the skies - Captain Yasmeen Fraidoon From World Airline News

Elisabeth Heilmeyer

African Section 99s Presents Guest Speaker - Elisabeth Heilmeyer Glider pilot who had a serious accident that left her a paraplegic. She is President and Founder of Las Sillas Voladoras

Sheila Dyson

Sheila Dyson flies from U.K. to Australia - Podcast

Princess Basmah

Daredevil Canadian acrobatic pilot now a princess in Jordan's royal family - Her Highness Princess Basmah From Globe and Mail World

Yasmine Almaimani

Meet Yasmeen Al Maimani, Saudi Arabia’s first female commercial pilot From Emirates Woman

Sabina Diemt

Flying High At Last - Sabine Diemt From Woman This Month

Vanessa Umba and Waad Al Dosseri

Female Gulf Air crew create new milestone - Vanessa Umba & Waad Al Dosseri From TradeArabia

Wedad Al Shujaa

Captain Wedad Shujaa, First Female Syrian pilot - From The Syrian Times

Rebecca Lougheed

This Dubai airline put on an all-female flight for International Women's Day - Rebecca Lougheed From Emirates Woman

Holly Petitt

Africa Bags of Hopes - A CONSCIOUS and PURPOSE DRIVEN company caring for the people and the planet! A grass roots organization with the hope of making a change in the world - Captain Holly Petitt

Hadeel Khamash

RJ flight operated by all-female crew on the occasion of International Women’s Day - Hadeel Khamash From Royal Jordanian

Fatima Shafi

Airline Pilot Breaks Down Airplane Flying Scenes - Fatima Shafi From Film & TV | WIRED

Yasmeen Fraidoon

Empowering the Bahraini women - Captain Yasmeen Fraidoon and First Officer Anwaar Mubarak From Gulf Life

Alia Al Twal

Join Alia Al Twal's flight with Gear Up TV

Hanane Chaabna

First Scholarship Haanane Chaabna From the African Aerospace Magazine

General Meeting Egypt

Annual Meeting - Egypt 27-29 October 2017

Waad Al Doseri

De Arabian Section van The Ninety-Nines - Waad Al Doseri From

Nadine Itati

Why women are 'barely scratching surface' of Lebanese politics - Nadine Itati From Al Jazeera

Elisabeth Heilmeyer

Woman Crush On: Elisabeth Heilmeyer (in Spanish)

Carol and Hadeel

All-Jordanian female crew operates RJ flight - Carole Rabadi From TradeArabia

Waad Al Doseri - Yvonne Trueman - Alia T

A day to remember for female pilots with Waad Al Doseri, Yvonne Trieman and Alia Al Twal From GDN Online

Fatima Shafi

The Female Pilot Who Succeeded Against All Odds - Fatima Shafi

Elisabeth Heilmeyer

Meet the Awe-Inspiring Women Pilots changing the Face of Arab Aviation From BECAUSE

Vanessa Umba

Vanessa Umba, la pilote congolaise qui excelle au Moyen-Orient From African Shapers

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