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Yvonne Trueman Scholarship

The Arabian Section of the 99s International Women Pilots Association is pleased to announce the foundation of the Yvonne Trueman Scholarship Program. Each year, this foundation awards a grant to a deserving flying member to enable their aviation aspirations.


We look forward to receiving the applications from our members and reading about their accomplishments. The competition for these scholarships is fierce, and we take great satisfaction in knowing that we have helped some very deserving members pay for their education toward their flying goals.



Yvonne Trueman joined The Ninety-Nines International Association in the early 1970’s after being introduced by Sheila Scott, one of the first lady pilots to fly around the world. 


The Arabian Section was formed in 1989. Yvonne became the 5th Governor of the Arabian Section and expanded for 15 years.  She has been fortunate to flying to most continents meeting fellow 99s and sharing their passion of flight.

Yvonne who has British, New Zealand American and Seaplane licenses, is proud to hold the first Bahrain private pilot license. She is still exercising her pilot privilege at the tender age of 79.


Her late son, Captain Julian Pooley -  a helicopter pilot - was killed in 1984. Yvonne donated $10,000 to the Arabian Section of the Ninety-Nines to start this foundation in memory of her son.



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Yvonne Trueman

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