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Aicha El Gharbi

FO A350

Aicha El Gharbi

"I am a Tunisian lady who was always fascinated by aviation and was dreaming of becoming a military pilot.

Unfortunately, my parents refused firmly. It took years and destiny intervention to be on the correct path where I had my initial training in Jordan then back home.

Today I am a senior first officer in a prestigious airline based in Doha, flying A350 and soon a Captain.

I opened the door for my little sister to be a pilot as well but this time with the full family support.

Moreover, I am planning to get a management degree in order to help me widen my vision and improve my professional skills.

I am proud of these achievements, but I am more happy to be able to manage it with my full mom job of an adorable six years old girl.
She is my world !"

Aicha El Gharbi


Aicha El Gharbi

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