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Alia Al Twal

FO A320

First Arab Governor of the Arabian Section of the Ninety-Nines,

FO for Royal Jordanian.

Alia Al Twal

" Since my childhood I couldn't stand the routine, trying to find where I belong to, following the footsteps of my family business in hotel management which I love as meeting new people, new cultures and get exposed to new ideas and way of seeing things. But that was not enough for my free soul.

I wanted more! Thinking I can't have the chance of being a pilot due to my gender...
I was surprised to know at age 16 that in Jordan, we had female pilots from 1970s!

And there it all started! The excitment to me and then nightmare to my parents knowing that their only daughter has set her mind to the aviation world and knowing her, nothing will stop her! "
Going with my own Moto since I was a child what ever you want to be , be a good one" , I graduated from school with the second highest mark in Jordan and it took me a year to convince my family that I won't be anything other than a pilot!

And here I am, graduating as commercial instrument pilot and being in love with the single engine planes and flying low altitudes I decided to stay more in the academy field before moving to airlines.

3 years flying single engine land with students from many nationalities I loved every minute of it but it was time to move ....

I joined Royal Jordanian Airlines in 2011 and since then I fly the Airbus 320 family but that doesn't stop of me flying only jets as I still practice gliding, single engines and sometimes aerobatics and what ever planes I can fly and see new horizons and enjoy the joy flying different types of planes with different a methods and styles beside jumping from them ( skydiving ). It's flying too isn't it ? ( laughing )
Being the Governor of the Arabian section I consider myself very lucky, first to have sisters from different part of the world that I truly love and respect. Each one of them inspires me with her own story, with her support and loyalty.

We are now marked on the map, we are recognized. The growth of the Arabian section succeeded in maintain the family atmosphere and the close relationship between the members and that's what makes this section very special."

2015, Alia was honored with the Award of Inspiration at the International Conference of Munich.

2016, Alia who became a First Officer on A330 for Royal Jordanian, has been made a 'Liveryman' in the Honourable Air Pilot Company. She is only the fourth Jordanian in history to have achieved this position, the others being the late King Hussein; HRH Prince Faisal Al Hussein, and HRH Prince Hamza Al Hussein."

Alia Al Twal


Alia Al Twal
Governor of the Arabian Section of the Ninety-Nines
Liveryman in the Honourable Air Pilot Company
Award of Inspiration from the Ninety-Nines (2015)

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