Anita Newcourt

Private Pilot

Officer in the Army Reserve,
Liveryman in the Honourable Company of Pilots.

I am a PPL pilot, based in the UK but I try and fly when I am travelling on holiday abroad as well.

I have tried my hand at various types as well as rotary but I usually fly a Cessna 172 from the airfield at Middle Wallop, the home of the Army Air Corps, my Regiment. I am an officer in the Army Reserve and I learned to fly initially when I was accepted into the Regiment as a PR Officer.

Of course I then fell in love with flying and being free to fly in the blue skies above us! I was honoured when Yvonne Truman invited me to join the 99s Arabian section as I have been lucky enough to spend time in the Middle East. This has led me to admire the people and the culture in your part of the world, especially Jordan - in fact we loved Jordan so much, my husband and I decided to marry there! And now I am delighted to have a very dear and beautiful friend from Jordan, Alia Al Twal.

I am also involved with Aerobility, an amazing charity that gives people with disabilities the gift of flight - it allows people who are confined to wheelchairs due to their disabilities, to feel free and normal when they are flying the specially modified aircraft in the sky.

I am also a liveryman in the Honourable Company of Pilots based in London.

Officer in the Army Reserve,
Liveryman in the Honourable Company of Pilots.


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