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Anwar Mubarak

Senior FO A320

Gulf Air

Anwar Mubarak

“My name is Anwaar Abdulla Mubarak, I studied Aviation in Jordan at Mid East Aviation Academy, and I’m now a senior first officer at Gulf Air.

Ever since i was young I’ve always looked up to my father who was a pilot himself and wanted to be just like him, I thought it was impossible for a girl to be a pilot back then, but thanks to god and my family’s support i got the opportunity to go study aviation, which got me to where i am today.

I’m fortunate enough to be living my dream, and I would like for anyone reading this to remember to not let anyone tell you that you’re dreams are impossible, anything is achievable if they work hard enough for it.”

Anwar Mubarak


Anwaar Mubarak
Senior First Officer A320

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