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Dawn Evans

Commercial Pilot

Dawn Evans

Dawn's Testimony (2015)

My name is Dawn Evans and I was born and raised in the UK.

Having always wanted to fly, I gained my PPL in 1984 whilst at university studying for an engineering degree.
In 1992 I went on to gain my CPL.

For the past 25 years I have been fortunate to have my own light aircraft and now have over 2000 hours and 600 hours on tail wheel aircraft.
We have toured extensively in the UK and France.
We currently own a Koliber 160a, Condor, Currie Wot, and soon to be completed Corby Starlet (which my husband has built).

Over the years, I have tried to encourage others to develop an interest in aviation and have been able to help some other younger people to achieve their aviation dreams.
It is my aim to continue to do this, and to fly myself for as long as possible.
My passion is, and always will be flying."

Dawn Evans


Dawn Evans,
Commercial Pilot

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