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Debs Eastwood

Private Pilot


Debs Eastwood

“Hi everyone, my name is Debs Eastwood and I'm an anaesthetist by trade.

I fly light aircraft, a PA28, for fun. I have 3 beautiful children, the youngest is now 16, and my girls came with me to Egypt, for the General Meeting of the Arabian Section of the 99s. I'd been a member for about a year before that.

I got started on the exciting journey to be a pilot in my very late 40's, it really never is too late, and gained my PPL (A) at the age of 51. My work has got in the way of progressing my journey this year as I was extremely busy during covid. I aim to get up in the air again as soon as possible and keep exploring this amazing planet of ours.

I set myself a challenge it seems every decade, my 30's was medicine and qualifying as a doctor whilst bringing up my children. In my 40's it was learning to scuba dive and achieving over 60 dives in some beautiful locations, in my 50's my PPL. Who knows what my 60's will bring .... I've a few years ahead of me to decide!!!

Love to all my fellow 99s. I'm so proud to be a member of this amazing organisation.”

Debs Eastwood

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