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Dima Al Saber

CAPT EMB145/195

Royal Jordanian

Dima Al Saber

“I became a pilot by coincidence ! It was never my dream since I was a kid like most of the pilots out there . But I have always had the feeling of a passion for something unknown , something that is full of adventures and would expose me to the whole world, never came across my mind that the answer for my lost passion would be flying, until I stepped into the first airplane I have ever stepped into which was the piper I flew for training!

It all started in 2006 When I came across a newspaper advertisement for Royal Jordanian Airlines offering scholarships for university graduates to become pilots provided that they passed specific exams, Meanwhile I was working at the Information Technology field which was not fulfilling my passion and dreams, and was kind of boring to me, I always felt that there was something missing in my life and that I do not belong there behind the desk!

Therefore, I applied for the scholarship And the competition was very high due to the huge number of applicants and the toughness and variety of the exams that we had to pass.

Thanks GOD I was able to pass the exams and got selected with another female along with eighteen males.

I had an intensive course of around eighteen months at Royal Jordanian Air academy in Jordan in order to obtain my CPL/IR license and afterwards got my type rating on my first Jet airplane the Embraer 195/175 airplane at Oxford Aviation Academy in The United Kingdom.

I flew the Embraer 195/175 as a first officer at Royal Jordanian Airlines for three years then flew airbus320 as a senior first officer for five years then got my command upgrade on the Embraer195/175 in order to become a captain three years ago.

In my opinion there is no job that can be gender specific, a lady has a mind too and can do whatever a man can do, she should only keep her feminine side while working at a male dominant field while emphasizing on looking and acting in a professional way. Flying needs a lot of hard work, concentration, seriousness, good management skills , and commitment.

My career has become one of my hobbies, and After being introduced to flying by coincidence, I became extremely passionate about it since day one!! There is a saying I would like to share here : “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” I do believe in this !”

Dima Al Saber


Dima Al Saber,
A320 Captain.

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