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Eleonora Orlandi

Line Training Captain Citation XLS at Netjets

MSc in Aviation Safety Management
Logistic Manager for Animal Heroes

Eleonora Orlandi

"I am Eleonora, I started flying at the age of 18 when I was one of the first group of women ever to join the Italian Air Force.

My love for the military was short lived but the one for flying wasn't.

After civilian flying training in Oxford UK, and some GA work on a Skyvan, I flew my first commercial flight at the age of 21 for an airline called Flybe.

Again a change of heart and I finally understood what was my path. At the age of 25 I joined a corporate company called NetJets and never left.

Sixteen years later, after flying Falcon and Global, I am now a line training captain on a citation XLS.

I hold a Master in Aviation Safety Management, and i spend most of my spare time working as logistics manager for Animal Heroes."

Eleonora Orlandi


Eleonora Orlandi

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