Houda Matar

Commercial Pilot

Ground Instructor

"As far back as I can remember, I have loved space and the sky.
My love for aviation stemmed from the love of adventure, the love of independence, the love of travel, and the love of the actual act of flying.

My mother and father supported my ideas, though it wasn't what was normally expected of a girl; they said, "If you want to dream, dream big!" When I graduated high-school, all I wanted to do was head in the direction of flying, but alas, I was not accepted by my country's national airline, and since money is an issue, I came to grasp with the idea that life will hold obstacles and rejections and went to university...

End of senior year, and after a long day at work, my father comes home and hands me a white paper folder. I opened it, and took out what was inside. It was a brochure/folder of an aviation academy in a neighboring country...

My parents never forgot what I truly wanted, and even after I accepted that it was not going to happen, my father thrived for me. He handed me that folder in a suggestive manner, kind of asking me 'do you still want to do it?'

Few months after that, I was back in class but in an aviation academy. I graduated soon after that, and I am now working in that same academy, ground-instructing future pilots."

Houda Matar
Ground Instructor


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