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Jalyn Javri


Western Global Airlines,
Previously B777 Training Captain – Emirates.

Jalyn Javri

“As a child, my dream was to become an astronaut.

At 15, I took my first flight lesson free from the group called Young Eagles in the US. After that, I continued to pursue my aviation dreams and even soloing a aircraft at 16.

By 18 I had earned my commercial pilots license and began looking for flying jobs. I flew turboprops for a year, then got hired to fly small regional jets at 20.

At 23, I successful passed the interview and training to become a captain.
After more than six years, and student loan debt piled up from flight school. I made the decision to move away from my home country of the US, to fly at Emirates Airlines in a Dubai.
I was hired to fly the Boeing 777 as First Officer. After 4 years I became a captain at 31 years old. Then after flying nearly 9 years on the Boeing 777, I became a training captain. Recently, I began flying for Western Global Airlines on the Boeing 747, in order to move back to my home country.

Flying has always been my passion, and I encourage everyone, especially woman, to become pilots if you love challenges, traveling, and airplanes.”

Jalyn Javri


Jalyn Javri
Captain B747

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