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Marta Gomez

CAPT on Pilatus Porter PC 6


Marta Gomez

“I started quite late in aviation. My first flights were at 25 in my home town flying club, Real Aeroclub de Bilbao, as private pilot. When I got the money enough I move to Valencia to do all the courses I could: JAR, now EASA, Frozen ATP, Comercial SE-ME, IR, FI, Agroforestal.

My first foot in bussines was cleaning and refueling the airplanes I wanted to fly in the future. I flew Crop dusting, aerial surveillance of forest fires and aereal surveillance of coasts in Spain. I moved to China and Jordan as FI. Then I flew in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania and Comoros islands as Bush and Charter pilot.

I got my FAA ATP in 2014 SE-ME. And, currently, Im a mountain pilot in the mountains of Papua, Indonesia, where I came for 2 years contract and I am in my 6th year.

I work for an NGO call Pt. AMA, flying the Pilatus Porter PC6, where the main goal is helping the villages spreaded around the island. There are no roads, or proper ones, to delivery goods or people so airplanes, in most of the cases, are the only door to hospitals, food, schools, medicines.... very basic things for someone who lives in a town, but unexistant for them.
The flying is espectacular, very challenging and demanding and very satisfactory, over all when you see again, and healthy, those you took in an emergency to the closest hospital.

I can say, quite proudly, that I’m priviledged of loving my job.”

Marta Gomez


Marta Gomez,

Captain on Pilatus Porter PC 6

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