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Nancy Taylor

Private Pilot

Third Governor of the Arabian Section of the Ninety-Nines.

Nancy Taylor

"I began my flying lessons while my husband Bob was in Army Flight School.

Early in 1970 I earned my private pilot's license.
Several years later we purchased a 1946 Navion and enjoyed attending fly-ins with other Navioneers. We sold our Navion before Bob accepted a job with Aramco and we moved to Saudi Arabia in 1985.

On October 12, 1989, I became one of the 12 charter members of the Arabian Section of the 99s.

I served as the Section's first Treasurer, and later I held the office of Governor until our departure from the kingdom in 2002."

Nancy is in the picture with her husband Bob, who holds a commercial pilot license.

Nancy Taylor,

Private Pilot.

Nancy Taylor


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