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Nazish Walayat

FO A320

Gulf Air

Nazish Walayat

My name is Nazish Walayat. I am from Bahrain and Pakistan. I have been a First officer for Gulf Air since 2018.
I got inspired to be a pilot on one of my class 3 summer holiday travels. I still remember that image of looking at the cockpit from the airport window and a conversation with a pilot on his way till today. It stayed with me long enough to persuade my parents to follow this path. For a girl of my background, it was nothing short of breaking barriers in our society. Aviation is a challenge and that challenge requires determination. After finishing flying school, I had some rough time doing odd jobs paying off my loans but that only made me more determined and passionate. Finally in 2018, I got an opportunity to go through Gulf Air assessment and as they say the fruit of your struggle is nothing but sweet, I felt rewarded and started this journey. Flying is mesmerising. From take-off to landing, everyday a different experience. It requires a lot from you but rewards you equally. I plan to continue to work hard, learn, strive and grow in this industry and be a name that will help this industry prosper in the future. A male dominated industry drives me even harder to work harder and set up a good example.
I feel like anyone, no matter their gender, background, religion, financial, social etc. any situation can achieve their dream so long as they truly understand themselves and are ready to go through with their decisions.
I read about our Governor Alia Twal in a newspaper and contacted her, telling her how happy I was to see another female pilot back when I did not know any other female pilot. There then she opened the doors of this organisation for me and I was thankful to have known women pilot's who shared equally amazing stories. I look up to the ladies of this organisation and hope to follow in their footsteps and add value to this wonderful organisation.

Nazish Walayat


Nazish Walayat, A320 First Officer

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