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Nouf Al Jalaud


Information Security Analyst for Saudi Aramco Aviation

Nouf Al Jalaud

"My name is Nouf Al-Jalaud and I work at Saudi Aramco Aviation Department as a Information Security Analyst.

Throughout my life, I have always been interested in adventures and mysteries.
It became clear to me as I was reading more about early years of science fiction, flying, and space discoveries, I knew that aerospace and aviation are my passion.

By the time I graduated from Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a computer engineer, I decided to work in the field of aviation.
Since I enjoy challenges, travelling, and working in a dynamic environment, I enjoyed contributing to this field.

The role of women in aviation perception is controlled by the culture I come from. I
n our society, being a female professional in the aviation field is a fantasy.
Besides, making a change in general is not easy.

As an independent, determinate, and work-driven woman, I hold myself responsible for young Saudi ladies who aspire for a future in this field. I look for making a difference by shaping the future of women in aviation."

Nouf Al Jalaud

Saudi Arabia

Nouf Al Jalaud,

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