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Princess Ducan

Cadet Pilot

Entrepreneur, CEO of Princess Duncan Foundation, Deputy CEO of The COA Research and Manufacturing Company Ltd

Princess Ducan

"I’m a Cadet Pilot, an Entrepreneur and the CEO of Princess Duncan Foundation, an NGO that established to provide humanitarian support to the vulnerable. Im also the Deputy CEO of The COA Research and Manufacturing Company Ltd. an international brand plant medicine and research company which is owned by my father.

I'm one of the Queens in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, had my degree and BA (HONS) in a University in London and also have a Cabin Crew training background.

Through my organization, the Princess Duncan Foundation has undertaken several initiatives aimed at empowering the poor and vulnerable. This includes the provision of bursaries to poor families in support of their wards, provision of water, support to orphanages, seminars, and Peace Education programs for selected individuals and communities. I wanted to become a pilot and work in the aviation field ever since when I was a child and I love to travel because it makes me fall in love with my life.

The day I had my first flight, I became excited and felt I didn’t want to land. Since then I’ve become addicted to flying.

I joined Ninety-Nines Organization because it’s one of the best Aviation Women's platforms which inspired young girls to become pilots, most people don’t know much about female pilots and Ninety-Nines Platform has inspired lots of females to enroll in flight school and training.

Being part of the Ninety-Nine also improves your overall communication, efficiency, and morale. I’m proud to be part of the Ninety-Nines organization created to support, build, teach, and encourage women pilots."

Princess Ducan


Princess Ducan

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