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Suzana Asad

TRI EMB175/195

Royal Jordanian

Suzana Asad

“My love for aviation started when I was 6 years old. We use to travel to Romania every year for summer holidays. I remember, the best part of the year was “those 3 hours onboard”, those tiny details built a huge love towards flying.

After I finished my high school, here comes the surprise, my dream is about to become true.

My dad was my biggest supporter maybe because his dream was to become a pilot, but then he ended up being an engineer.

In 2006, I joined Middle East aviation academy in Jordan.

In 2010, I joined royal Jordanian airlines as a first officer on AIRBUS 320. Now I am getting my command upgrade on EMBRAER.

I was happy when I knew there was an organization for female pilots, which was introduced to me by the governor of the Arabian section, Alia Al Twal.
She did and she is still doing a great job. I am grateful to the 99’s organization that gave me the chance to meet beautiful sisters that share the same passion from all over the world.”

Suzana Asad


Suzana Asad,

Captain under training EMB175/195

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