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Taghrid Akasheh

CAPT Tri-Star

First Female Pilot of Royal Jordanian;
First Female Pilot in the Middle East;
First Tri-Star Female Pilot.

Taghrid Akasheh

Captain Taghreed served in many functions in Royal Jordanian in addition to her career as a pilot.

Captain Taghreed was employed by Royal Jordanian in 1975 and received her Captain wings in 1985.

She was a trailblazer, shining by her professionalism and work ethic.

Her career culminated in being the Vice President of Operations, an appointment from his Majesty King Hussein.

Captain Taghreed’s Testimony (2020)

“Being of a contrary nature, the chance words of a school career advisor telling me that flying aircraft is only for men determined my career path. To this day I cannot thank that narrow minded lady enough!!

From the moment I approached Royal Jordanian to be considered for their cadet program & throughout my career I had the support of HM KIng Hussein who believed in supporting young people to achieve their dreams regardless of gender.

Wishing you many happy flights. Stay safe!”

Taghrid Akasheh


Captain Taghreed,

First Female Pilot of Royal Jordanian,
First Female Pilot in the Middle East,
First Tri-Star Female Pilot.

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