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Yasmeen Fraidoon

TRI A320

First Bahraini Female Captain
First GCC woman to earn the rank of a Captain
MSc in Air Transport Management
Gulf Air

Yasmeen Fraidoon

“I’m Captain Yasmeen Fraidoon. I’ve been fascinated with flying since I was a young child , always mesmerized by aircrafts , take offs and landings.

I earned my bachelors degree in Business Information Systems and then joined Bahrain’s national carries Gulf Air cadet pilot program.

In 2008 I earned my ATPL from Qatar Aeronautical College and started flying for Gulf Air as a second officer, I flew the Airbus 320/330/340 and in 2014 became a Captain which made me the first Bahraini and GCC woman to earn the rank of a Captain in a commercial airline, I am also currently a Training Captain in Airbus 320 fleet.

In 2016, I received my Masters degree in Air Transport Management from City University London.”

Yasmeen Fraidoon


Yasmeen Fraidoon,
TRI A320,
MSc in Air Transport Management.

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